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All classes run from 4:30 - 6:00 PM Pacific Time unless otherwise noted

All salons run from 5:30 - 6:30 PM Pacific Time unless otherwise noted

First Quarter 2021 Classes

Class: Saturday, February 6th - Greece


One of the oldest and most historically important wine producing regions, Greece has long been considered a minor player in the global wine industry, but that perception no longer has much validity, as the nation’s wide range of growing regions and indigenous varieties have produced a wealth of great wines as of late.


Salon: Thursday, February 11th - Author and podcaster Katherine Cole, rosé and sparkling wine


Author (Rosé All Day) and Podcast Host (The Four Top) Katherine Cole will join to talk about her new book focusing on sparkling wine.


Subscriber Class: Saturday, February 13th - Pretty in Pink


In preparation for Valentine’s Day, we’ll talk all things pink wine.


Class: Saturday, February 20th - Pinot Gris/Pinot Grigio with Hayley Black

Whether you call it by the French or Italian name (or Grauburgunder if you’re German), Pinot Gris at once an incredibly popular and yet also deeply misunderstood variety, so we will explore some of the great sites and interesting styles of Pinot Gris out there in the wine world.


Salon: Thursday, February 25th - Leah Jorgensen, winemaker, Leah Jorgensen Cellars


Leah and I will talk raising kids in the wine industry as well as our mutual love of Cabernet Franc.

Salon: Thursday, March 4th - Christina Hartigan, wine director, Gooseneck Hospitality

Christina and I will discuss the wines of British Columbia, wine education, and more

Class: Saturday, March 13th - South Africa

South Africa has some of the oldest still-harvested vines on the planet, a number of ideally situated growing regions...and a total lack of presence in the United States. Let's explore this underappreciated gem!



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